Saturday, November 24, 2007

Honey, we're home!

No pic tonight...
We got home from Ryan's about 7ish. It took us longer coming home because we had a uhaul trailer behind the Jeep. We brought home some furniture Ryan didnt need in TX. Now its in his bedroom and I dont even want to walk by there... its a mess.

We had a great time in Frisco. We ate, shopped, and had such a great time. I got the little chandelier at IKEA, and got some stuff at Sam Moon. It was really crowded at Sam Moon, so I grabbed a couple of pashmina type wraps for Church. Its SOOO cold at Church! I didnt get any jewelry or purses! I know thats a shock. We attacked Eddie Bauer... all of us got some cute stuff.
Lance got a sweater, Ryan got a shirt and sweater, Hubs got a sweater and I got a brown vest with a fur type collar. I also got a Christmas present from Ryan---- a new watch from Eddie Bauer. I put pic up later.

I am off to bed, enjoy your Sunday!

tootle loo,

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