Friday, July 31, 2009

What to do with hankies

I have a bunch of my grandma's hankies. I mean a bunch. So, I am thinking in my mind, I will do this. Im sure Moms little quilts will look better, but hmmm, maybe I can pull this off.

Son 1- Ryan got a job....... hip hip hoorah!!!! He will be working for a publishing company. Im not sure exactly what he will be doing. He loves to read and I think is has something to do with manuscripts. God is good!!!

I painted the room a blueish/aqua/ greenish yesterday. My accents colors will be red. I will post a pic when I get finished. off to Hobby Lobby for curtain fabric.

Tootle loo


Anonymous said...

Hi, The hankie quilt is really cute! How many do you have?
I have a friend who put a blue and white check between each one and it was very pretty.

Yeah, Ryan. He was hoping that was the job he got. I talked to him a couple of days ago about the sex-ed class!


Little Town Big Life said...

Love the idea of the hankie quilt--wish I had saved all those I tossed!

Maybe I'll do one with the tea towels of my grandmas.

Have a good weekend!! Oh--we need to walk!!