Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday tidbits

Lance finally got his brick. These are at University of Tulsa on the walk into the Reynold's Center. Both boys got one for graduation, Lance's got lost in the shuffle, but its now in the ground!
oops. Ryan's os a bit crooked, but turn your head, ok. Now you can see it.

This is a little shirt I made for myself. I ued scrap fabric that I had in the craft room, before I cut into the Amy Butler fabric I have on order and hopefully in the mail. Cute huh. But I hate, hate to wear a strapless bra. They are uncomfortable and yukko and believe me these girls need to be in a contraption of some type, you know the issue. Anyway I found an awesome bra on the internet and have it ordered too. Its like those bandeau bras we used to wear back in the ####'s.

This one is Laura's. Turn your head again. I put some tulle on the bottome of hers. I found this fabroc on the $2. table at Hobby Lobby yesterday. Isn't is cayyyyyyyute?
I knew you would like them.
I think I coud even make a mommy and me outfit. A shirt for mommy and a dress for a little girls. Wouldn't that be cute!!! I could do both of them for $40.00 So, if you are incline to need one, let me know. I have lots of fabric choices too.
Or if you just want one for yourself... its $25.00
I went to CASA training yesterday and I have it all month on MWF. in the afternoon.
So, today is ironing, tidy, and clean the pool day.

Tootle loo