Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

A Day for Celebration in America...

It's raining here in OK. So plans will go from swimming outside to sewing inside! I made brisket yesterday and yummo it was so delicious and just melted in your mouth. Add some sweet corn and sliced tomatoes and you are in food heaven!

I am making a cuuuuute little summer shirt for moi and also one for Son 2's sweetie L!

I might even make one for my niece in Houston. Lets see if she reads this and leaves a comment. If so, she gets on too, I can even make one for my sister if she read this too! hahaha, stay tuned.

In between sewing I need to go get some more chalkboard paint at Lowes. I love that stuff. I am painting the door in the craft room. I also will put a layer of magnetic paint .

Have a great relaxing day and enjoy the rain if its in your area. We always need rain, but maybe not today... :(

Tootle loo

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Anonymous said...

Hi Aunt TT- yes I did read your blog! Cute shirts! Hope all is well there. It is hot, hot and hot here in Houston! Can't wait for cooler weather which probably won't be until December!! Love ya!