Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Its soooooo Hot

Its so totally hot here in OK. The pool water was like bath water. I just did my water aerobics and floated a bit and then got out!
Not, thats not my pool, silly but I can dream OK???????

Pam and I went to Bville to take some catering deliveries. We ran by a few girly stores, both bought the same purse. Well, its was 50% off! come on , we couldn't afford NOT to get it. Anyway, where was I ... oh, we found the most wonderful place to eat. Ted and Lola's! DELICIOUS is all I have to say. Its on 2nd and something on the corner close to downtown. Just go down 2nd. Its on the north side at the corner. Any way.... I am getting lost in my memories of the food. Ok so we always check the desert menu before we order. Pam got a salad with those crunchy chow mien noodles and chicken. I got a salad with sugared pecans and feta cheese and raspberry vinaigrette! Now come the finale! Pam had a brownie and ice cream. Not a normal old everyday brownie, but a delicious warm, chocolate, smooth, cake like, yummy brownie. She ate almost all of it! I had (drum roll) bread pudding....... oh my it had a sauce with pecans and I can still taste the smooth sauce, with the ice cream and more candied pecans. Oh heavens, I must say it was an "experience", if you know what I mean! Yep, I ate almost all of it! oink, oink.

Then we went to Wally World- aka WalMart. We has stuffed bellies and were feeling a little spry and wondering why so many fluffy people were riding in those motor cart when they actually needed to get up off their tush and walk a bit. Now, I know some people need those motor carts, but really not as many of them as we saw. Its just pure lazy sometimes. I think Pam and I might go to Wally World in another town at midnight and ride those things just to see why they are always used! Note to family- we are kidding on the riding part!!!!

I cam home, went out to the pool, not the one above. My cute pool and floated and did my aerobics and watered the yard and looked at my pitiful garden that has burned up in the weather. sigh, sigh.

Its off to bed. Tomorrow is errand day, you know 1. pay bills 2. post office 3. Target 4. Reasors 5. nail/pedi 6. change the oil in the Jeep and then go to Tulsa to CASA mtg at 5:30. Oh, I need to help serve at the John 3:16 mission at 5:00. whew. that wont work, hubs will have to go alone on that one!

Tootle loo

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