Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Facts

I am looking forward to CASA training to be over. Its been a very long month. I have one court day and short class, then I take the "oath".

Next week will be "clean the house" week. It's actually disgusting! I need to clean from the top to the bottom in all the rooms. Even the porch and back yard need tidying. I am generally on track getting summer things finished in order to go back to school. Not this year, yippee! I am really glad.

Ryan and I went to OKC to meet with the Estate Atty regarding Grammer.... Lots to decide when someone is 94 an ready to pass on to Heaven. I don't understand sometime the way life is, do you? My daddy died at 58 and missed so much life and Grammer is 94 and tired of living. hmmm, I guess I'll ask God someday.

Sunday I will be teaching the college class- Five Languages of Love. I have enjoyed working with them. These ore the kids we went with on mission trip years ago. They are great kiddos and have so much to offer the world.

Thats about all the facts I have for today. My list of things I want to do is getting longer. I must get back to letting my creative juices flow and get them back up on my website...

Have a great weekend

Tootle loo

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