Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What's up

What a busy week so far. We had company- hubs cousin from Nebraska. They used to work the pipeline together in Wyo.
Today I had my CASA interview. Boy do they ask every question known to man. I start the "training class" on Monday. for a month. I think it will be interesting. I will assigned a case and meet with all people involved in their life, then make an report to the presiding judge on the childs behalf. I have always wanted to do this!

I can't believe that son 1 will be 27 yrs old next week. Seems like not long ago, I was bringing a little tiny baby home form St. John. Now he is going to be 27. Where do those years go?

Im trying to decide what to have for the 4th! burgers or brisket... potato salad or chips... corn casserole or on the cob! Guess I better figure it all out and get to the store!

Off to dinner, going to Jalapenos! yummy

Tootle loo

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