Thursday, May 6, 2010

Slithering Snake

I was watering this afternoon minding my own little business... I walked towards to back of the yard and thought I saw something... you bet your sweet booty! I saw this slithering snake!

Yep, its huge! I know... can you believe it? I called to Moey and ran in the house to get my camera and phone... I called my sister and told her about the 25' snake that was bigger around that 5 hot dogs. Well I thinks its that big!

oh look it want to talk to me... not its wants to bite me... poison me... kill me... hubs will find me withered in the backyard taking my final breath!
So... hubs comes home and the darn thing is gone back to the field and he looks at the picture... tells me Oh, honey... that is a good snake... good snake you say... yes it eats mice and critters... any snake in my yard is a bad snake... get back to the field where you live and eat something... stay out of my yard... don't bother my "furry" grand baby!

Tootle loo

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