Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday ramblings

Lots of people have asked why we had a snake in the backyard... because this is at the end or our yard. 10 acres of wilderness. well not exactly wilderness, but country.

These are my beautiful babies! We are growing blackberries- my all time favorite fruit! Mike is talking to them every night and we are coaching them to bloom and thrive.... if you want to be my very best friend in all the world... bring me a blackberry cobbler and vanilla ice cream and I will love you forever, or at least while Im eating the cobbler... one time I told my second graders that story and i had 2 cobblers the very next day. nothin better than a child's gramma makin their teacher a cobbler!

Yes, I got my pink flamingos! I an totally in love with them. I have 6 of them in the backyard. 2 are at preschool for the summer to be part of my class zoo. I have not names them yet. but bet your bottom dollar one will be Sloane... maybe I will have sloan 1, sloan 2.... No one will name their baby Sloan Kathleen... isnt that beautiful??? Well, the only one I know having a baby girl is my niece and she said NO! hurt my feelers she did. not really!

This is our first tomato! Hubs babies once again. It was a hanging plant until the storm came, not its in a pot poor thing... it almost died

My patio furniture is not really pink as it looks in the picture... its red.

I got my hair cut and color today. ran some errands and hubs and I are going to watch the 3 yr old girls in a recital tonight. Miss Ashley really want miss penny and her 'daddy'- Mike to come. I cant say no!!!!

Pick of that tomorrow....

Tootle loo

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