Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday conversations

Hubs: Do you really want to go back to Ukraine in June?
Me: hmmm, whatever
Hubs:How much is it for us to build a Church?
Me: our part is about $1500 ea.
Hubs: The euro is sucking the $$ right up.
Me:hmmm whatever.
Hubs: lets skip it
Me: ok...thinking to myself yippee, I really would rather not go now.
Hubs: You know BAUMC is going to Bolivia in Sept. should we go?
Me: Im not going, but you go right ahead.
Hubs: 'I dont want to go without you.
Me: why dont we go on a mission trip every other year.
Hubs: Ok, but can we go to the beach spring break.
Me: thats in 2 weeks
Hubs: so get after it!
Me: plans are made.... yippee
Hubs: dont forget we are off the Port Angles WA in Aug for a wedding.
Me: I know dear, I have already been planning.
Hubs: oh

Do you make all the travel plans in your house too? What if a trip was planned for me and all I had to do was put gas in the Jeep and get in. hmmmmmm dream on!

GALVESTON BEACH.............................
I hope we dont fall asleep under the umbrella again.. because our legs were
not under the umbrella....ouch.

This weekend I made 13 jewels to put on the web. Yep, I making progress. Shabbee Chick is busy planning a site. Because the site I made at yahoo, was an ugly site.
My goal is the end of March.... I made some OU baubles today. I am surprised my fingers didnt rot off. But I did counter it with a bit of OSU! Scary what I will do for money!

I had a power nap today, so its 11:30 and I am an energizer bunny. I just had my favorite drink... sherbet/7up float. If you live in the Ok area you know Braums, I think the prerequisite for employment there is slow and not really bright. I ordered an sherbet/7up float once. The person said: we dont have those
me: sure you do, just put sherbet and 7 up
person: hmm, its not on the menu
me: just pretend its a rootbeer float
person: I have to ask the manager!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
person: you want me to
me: PLEASE... I never got the float. It wasnt on the menu and the manager was busy!

anyway I love them....

off to bed

tootle loo

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tommie said...

Those OU baubles gave you the power you needed! Boomer Sooner!

Galveston is one of my favorite places. There is a cool microbrewrey on the Strand that is awesome!