Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday funnies

Yippee Skippee... Its Friday.
I am soooooooo glad. This has been a long week with whiny parents at school. oh well, whatever. Just so you know, I have made my list for the weekend!
1. make a necklace for a baby shower
2. make a necklace for a birthday
3. make Jenks pom/cheer
4. make cardinal necklaces
5. new wedding spreadsheet... I went to an excel class yesterday!!!!
6. TU basketball last game
7. tidy up the house, laundry etc
8. deliver Jenks jewelry
9. get out shorts and capris for GALVESTON spring break
10. paint laundry room
11. sleep, sleep, sleep
12. read, read, read
Well the last 2 I might have to wait until we go on Spring Break and the paint may have to wait too.

Hubs is working late tonight... I stopped at Reasors and got one of those rotisserie chicken, slapped it on warm in the crock pot, rolls, salad, wallah.... dinner!

I went to the 8th floor- a consortium we are in at CPS, to take an excel class. I did good until she started talking about all these formulas... wait just a minute, I dont want to learn that, I just want to make a spread sheet and print it with grids! Oh well, I can make one with formulas, so if you are needing a spread sheet with a running total and how to do commissions... I am your girl!

I have signed up for a Photoshop class in April! They are free and I get off school to go, plus staff development points. What more could a girl want!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been planning our trip to Port Angeles WA for August. My niece is getting married,so we are going to make it a week trip. Leave on Wednesday, go to Port Angeles for Thurs-Sun., leave on the 8:30 ferry to Victoria and be there for the day, come back to Port Angeles and then back to Seattle. Fly home the next day! sound good for me! I have been to Seattle a few time and to Victoria. Victoria is my all time fav place to go. Its sooooooooooooo pretty and quaint! Love the Empress Hotel soooooo much!

Ok, I better get to my chores. The maid has not been coming, oh we dont have one. whhhhhaaa.

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