Monday, March 17, 2008

cooking and crafting

Spring Break... whats a girl to do?

I am the messiest crafter and baker. I got flour all over the kitchen and just made a giant mess when I made the boys cookies! I cant keep that kitchen clean. Then Saturday I was crafting away in the crap/craft room and stepped on a piece of soldered metal stuff with the copper tape stuck to it! I had messed up a project and took the tape off, well I missed the trash can and my foot still hurts. I have looked and looked and I cant find anything in it,but something tells my little brain that it won't mix well with beach sand and ocean water! I considered going to the Dr., but that would 1. hurt 2. hurt 3. hurt more than now, so I will soak it tomorrow and hope it gets better. I guess the worse would be to 'fester up' and get all gross and white puss come out , gross!
So where was I going with this whole post... I never leave town without cleaning the house. I have a phobia that I might die and the house would be dirty! AND I always want to come home to a clean house. So I need to clean the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, vac the house, dust and clean the kitchen. All the while I am finishing the laundry and packing, gas up and load the car to go as soon as hubs get home!
wheeeeh i am already tired.

Better get to bed

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