Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday nothings

How often do you trash eye make up? I dumped all my stash this morning and I got new Almay at W-Mart, but I really want to try MAC. Is it worth the extra $$$$?

Yesterday was hair do day, so off I went to Uptown and go a new do. Its summer blond and this is the new style. I have to let the sides grow out a bit, but this is the basic style! Whats with the tattoo on her back?? What does it say? I about crapped out when my 2 sweet loving boys got a tattoo! Yep, I almost puked! Back in my day is was for the wacko kids. You know the thugs, scum, gross kids without parental love and bonding! My the times have changed. I am trying to change with them, but I CANT go there.

I detest going to WalMart! But its cold today and I could stop one time instead of going to 3 places!!! arghhhhh! It wasnt as bad when I started as when I finished. There are crazy people there and people that need a bath and to brush their teeth and..... I genereally go to Target and then to Reasors, but I was wanting to get home to make a cake to take to a SS party tonight.

I need lots of stuff to take to Galveston......
Got to go frost my pistachio cake. And have a tiny bity power nap!
tootle loo,

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tommie said...

love the girl just can't seem to get the angel right. With only a few more months here, I hate to try to find someone new!

Love love love Galveston.....go to the Strand, great food and fun!

I wear Bobbi Brown makeup....since I have found my 'look', I don't really toss since i use it up.