Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I just love this book...

This is my all time favorite series of books. She is just so much like me when I was a little girl. I was always getting into some kind of mischief. I really didnt mean it, it just happened. Anyway, these are great books. I love to read them to the kids at school. I turn on my Junie B voice and they crack right up.

Son #2 ,aka baby boy is going to Hawaii in the morning. What a fun trip for him. He's packed and ready to roll. He is going with Laura and her fam. Her mother is from Hawaii and they are going for a Memorial Service for her Grandfather. Her grandparent live on a few acres and have a macademia nut farm. mmmmmmm good! I hope he brings his momma some nuts and pineapple. Oh. he will be there for his birthday! What a great gift.
My sister is leaving tomorrow for Atlanta... the NASCAR races. I just dont get the whole sit on top of the 5th wheel and watch race cars go around and around. But they really love going, I guess. I would be headin to Buckhead for a little retail therapy... Have fun sissy!
Oh yea, I almost forgot... I am related to a Nascar driver... ready for this Rick Mears is a cousin! My greatgrandpa...papa and his great grandma were brother and sister. Guess we are really close huh. I probably wouldnt know him if we passed on the street. oh well

I have an order for some jewelry for Jenks pom and cheer! Got to get these out this weekend.

Better go, laundry is calling

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tommie said...

Congrats on the order! I know some people from Jenks....one of my best friends in the world.