Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Where oh where is spring??

When is spring coming? I know I don't have a lot to whine about, but I need spring! Im sure those in Chicago area and the north are really tired of the white stuff. Where ,oh where, is spring?

I am ready to fling open the windows, clean, shine and sparkle the house. Go outside and clean the patio, paint the furniture, and eat outside. Im ready spring, where are you?????

I got some sad news yesterday. A friend of mine who used to give me the most awesome massages at her salon, lost her baby. She and her fiancee are to be married on Saturday. She went to the Dr yesterday for her ultrasound to determine the sex. They did not find a heartbeat. She was at the hospital this morning and they started labor. She will deliver the baby and they will have a service for him/her, at least grave side. I dont know what the plan for Saturday are at this point, but remember them in your prayers today.

What else...

This is not a good pic of my grand dog, but Moey is coming to live with us in May. Son #1 is going to be in St Louis for work. He will be a traveling Sr. Broker with his business, so Moey is coming here. She is soooooo spoiled. Hubs has never allowed dogs in the house, well Moey sleeps on the foot of the bed! She is a good dog, but she thinks that she is huge and tough and she is really small and scared! What fun we will have, lots of walks!
Hmmmm... off to a TU BB game, thats all the news from the homefront.

tootle loo,

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tommie said...

so sorry for your friend.....