Saturday, March 22, 2008

Home again, home again, jigidy jig!

Galveston, Oh Galveston.....

Its always so great to get home... This was what we woke up to in Galveston. We had a great time. The weather was wonderful and we didnt do anything but walk on the beach, sit under the umbrella, and eat!!!! We ate a lot! I did remember to use sunscreen this year! yippee. only my feet got a little red

Isn't Miss Moey's new dog collar the cuuuutest thing! She was modeling it for my web page! She is such a sweet little thing! She is coming to live with us off and on while Son #1 travels. We had a fun time with Son #1. We ate at a neat pub in Frisco and then he and I went to IKEA, while hubs slept! Whoa, I bought so much stuff at IKEA! Son #1 got a new quilt cover, sheets, flatwear, and other stuff and I got a kitchen island, candle sticks, lots of candles and kitchen stuff. Probably more crap than I need, but whatever! The weather in Dallas is wonderful, we rode in the Mercedes with the top down this morning to go to Sam Moon, then got home to Cville and started a fire! Yep the difference 4 hours makes!

Tomorrow is Easter and hubs birthday! We will go to Church then back here for a cookout anad lunch. I made a red velvet cake - from scratch this evening and about made myself sick on the cream cheese icing! But I am sure I will force myself to eat more....tomorrow. I think of all those little girls in their Easter dresses with coats and sweaters on! BRRRRR!..

Better go, I slept most of the way home today and I am still ready for bed.

Happy Easter to you and Happy Birthday to hubs.

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tommie said...

Love me some Sam Moon! I used to go down there to get Bunco prizes. Sounds like the perfect break.