Sunday, March 9, 2008

Spoiled rotten

Yes, I do admit it... I am spoiled rotten. I was reading shabbee chick's blog. She stated how she is so grateful for her hubby and it made me think how lucky I am. Lets make a list
1. coffee in bed every morning.
2. cleans the kitchen after every meal.
3. puts gas in my car
4. opens doors for me
5. devouted always
6. never questions money spent on 'needed' stuff. As long as I 'love it' I can get it within reason
7. supports every single time I start a new craft!
8. builds me whatever I need or want at home.
9. drops me off at doors when its cold.
10 compliments me every day !
11 a great father for our children!

I am sure there are more wonderful thing, but these are just a few! Hubs birthday is Easter Sunday. I have thought and thought and cant think of anything! We are going to Galveston and he says he doesnt need anything. He does need a new suit, but thats about all ... what wonderful gift have you gotten for your hubs?????????????? leave me a comment.

I thought I could get him a bracelet to match my necklace from Tiffany's, but I just dont think thats what we would call a gift for him. But, it would make me look good. hahahahahaha

Have a great week. One to go until spring break! I am soooooo ready and so are the kiddos! We have a hundred things going on, this week and son #2 will turn 24 on Wednesday... He is the "BABY". arghhhhhhh. I think I will meet him at the airport on Thursday to welcome him home! He gets in at 12:30 pm. guess that means 1/2 day off! But its for my boy!

tootle loo,

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Charm & Grace said...

Hi Penny,

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I had a great time reading through yours, and I particularly enjoyed the post answering all your BFF's questions. Pretty interesting...

Charm & Grace

tommie said...

does he have an ipod? if so, my husband LOVED his Bose ear buds. If you really want to splurge, the Bose docking station is AWESOME!

The other thing I recently got him that he liked was a wooden leather-lined valet for the top of the dresser to drop all his pocket stuff. It was more for me in that I was sick of him cluttering up the nightstand. But he did like it!

Shabbee Chick said...

GET OUT!? Coffee in bed EVERY morning? I don't believe you. You are spoiled!