Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday Tidbits

I would really like to have this rug. Its so cute and would look darling in my entry hall for dirty boots and wet shoes this fall. I think it would be delightful, Only problem its $650. plus shipping for the UK. Holy Moly! Guess I can keep wishin, isn't that what dreams are for??

Yesterday was crazy. I am generally scheduled to be at CASA court on Thursday. Nope it was yesterday. The docket started at 9:30. my CASA case was no.2 . To make a long story short, the first witness was called at 1:30. HELLO, can they not tell time??? Anywho its being continues to 11/23. I will forget stuff by then. Thanks goodness I dont have to make any decisions.

Its been a rainy day here in Cville. I made a cute dress for a friends daughter. Pics later. A dog bed for Moey and did laundry. Hubs has a meeting tonight so I am gettin ready to throw something in the oven with my acorn squash. It sound healthy, but by the time I slap all that butter and brown sugar on it, wow we are talking calories! uh huh hmmmmm.

Last night I took Moey out to potty in the backyard, she found a frog, she was as scared as the frog. Speaking of animals and critters. We have had a mouse explosion in this house. I caught 5, yes 5 of them today. My bait of choice is bread. Smush it all up in the holder part of the trap thingy and set it under the sink. bam, bam, bam, bam there it goes!

I was invited to a "slumber party" tonight. I though ...on a weeknight. Well. darlin you are not sleeping at this one. Its "thingy's" for the boudoir. Just let you imagination go way down in the gutter and roll around for a while. I saw pictures of things in a catalog I didnt know what they were or what you do with them. I AM NOT going tonight, I have something else I have to do, but I don't think I want those visual images in my head. It might cause a thunderstorm.

Cant tell you what I doin tonight , hehehe-- momma, you want to know, cant tell you its a Christmas surprise, but one hint... 1. BFF Pam is going with me. thats it 1 hint.

Better go get my nutritious meal in the oven and co another mouse check under the sink.

Tootle loo


Matt and Natalie said...

Love that rug!

Matt and Natalie said...

Love that rug!

Sarah said...

I am loving that rug! Ouch on the price though. :(

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

What a great rug! Is is Rachel Ashwell?

Thanks for stopping by my your name too :-)