Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I was scanning blogs this morning instead of doing the house chores and a blogger had Bubba's the other night. Oh my! This is the all time best chicken in the south! Its down by SMU in Dallas. In the summer its hotter than H*ll! But the chicken melts in your mouth. I wonder if they would FedX and overnight shipment of chicken, rolls, mashed potatoes and gravy.
I made some yummy pumpkin/chocolate chip muffin/cupcakes for tomorrow nights tail gate at TU. I am going to teach at New Haven tomorrow and the game is after work. So I am making some chili tonight and letting it simmer on low all day in hubs office. SO we will have chili, Frito's, cupcakes/muffins, tea, sweet tea! I hope the rain stops. I don't like watching anything in the rain.
Better get going this morning. I am helping Pam with a catering job, then going to see my little CASA girl at her daycare, then to staff meeting at New Haven and finally to my CASA girls foster home!. Oh yea and I need to go to Reasors to grab some chili fixins. Then home!

Tootle loo

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