Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Great day, oops

I got up this morning to my coffee in bed, since it was a pre-school working day. I rode in to Tulsa with hubs, had a great day with the 2 yr. old. Ryan is sick and I went by Akins to get him some medicine/soup makings. A car in front of me began to turn, then decided he couldnt make it and began to back up. RIGHT SMACK INTO MY! Yep, I saw it coming, honked my horn, and bam he hit me. Poor New Jeep. Yep, ots only 5 months old and bam.

The girl in the other car thought everything looked good on the Jeep, not so much darlin, there is a scratch, dent and little holes in the bumper. It will be fixed!


Tootle loo

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