Friday, October 9, 2009

I cant trust people anymore!
Wednesday I was hit by a guy in Tulsa. He backed up and smashed the Jeep. He was to call me yesterday with his ins. info. No call! I called him this am and he pretended to be someone else with that new phone number- I am not stupid. I let him know that I filed a police report & he is in violation because he is refusing to give me his insurance and there are video cameras at the scene of the crash- by a BOK. I called his school- (an internationally know aeronautics school )and spoke with the VP of Students. Hmmmm the boy called back and said he was sorry and would pay out of pocket. Then his mother called and told me not to call his school again. As long as he pays for damages... I won't call. Lie to me again and I will come to the school.Moral to the story: Always call the police no matter whether they look nice or not, no matter if its a little fender bender or not. ALWAYS CALL THE POLICE. I did all of this without hubs. mmmmm proud of myself.

Tootle loo

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