Monday, July 14, 2008

Moey's new doggie-do!

Here is a picture of our sweet Moey...the granddog! Isn't she sooooo pretty.

Well, today I took her to Petsmart for a beauty day. I told the groomer to do all the things that Ryan has always had done and add a flea and tick shampoo. They asked about a trim... Ok, its really hot, so you all (groomers) know more about this than I do. right....

Ok... turn your head sideways, oops a little bit more , now look at my poor baby! She is hiding under the ottoman in the den and just looks at me like what have you done to me. Being the lovely 'queeniep', I call Petsmart and ask if this is a normal cut for a Sheltie! Sure it is. I asked for the manager, well, they call it a summer cut for a Sheltie. Good Gosh.
So they offered for me to bring her to the vet, whats a vet going to do, pull a button and make her hair grow. Can a dog be upset about their hair??? I dont know. I am just trying to be a good "queeniep". She is now sitting between my leg and the rocking chair. No barking, just looking at me with her poor pitiful eyes. I hope I have not destroyed her little ego??? Can you do that?

I am not really knowledgeable about dogs, but this is just weird.

Whats a queeniep to do?????????

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