Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Boys and BFF

My boys were at our house this weekend. They both hate to pose for a pic, but of course the "humored" momma. Aren't they the cuuuuutest 2 guys??? Well yes i do believe they are.

We now have Moey back at our house. She is learning the phrase "lay down" on her pallet. Today she crapped in the dinning room and it stunk the whole house, major stink. So, tomorrow we will begin "poop" training. We have already done the "potty" training. I have never poop trained a dog, only children. We will see how long it takes. I once heard 3 day. Anyone ever accomplished this??? How do you attempt this feat????

Monday night the Ya-Ya 's went out for ladies night at Melting Pot. These pic are from BFF Little Town Big Life, yep I stole them right up, anywho we were just about to chow down on the dessert portion of our night. Banana Foster chocolate dip !!!! yummy

This is the whole 'team'. We finally got all of us together. What fun we have. We laugh, cry, and snort through dinner. We had so much fun and look at us we all wore black and white!!! love my team ya-ya!
Isnt it great in the day and time to have a bunch of women that know you every secret and dreams and dont judge. We go WAY BACK and have helped each other through the ups and downs of raising children, marriage and general smut! I love em all.
I made a cheesecake this weekend with blackberries, and I am needed some right now, so
tootle loo
PS thanks to S Riggs, I finished painting my classroom at school. Also my Principal resigned and they are scampering quickly to find a replacement, They have one in mind that would be WONDERFUL... Pray for C Hunt to get the JOB!!!!

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