Monday, April 21, 2008

Potion #9.. or not

My loving sister found a new potion for me!!! Have you heard of it??? LIMU.

Anyway its suppose to be helpful for my fibromyalgia. Hmmmm most of the days I can manage it, but lately its been out of control and she is always on the outlook for potions for me. I just dont want to take Lyrica... there are way too many side effects! So any of you out there in blogville ever heard of this???? If so tell me what you know. Its $45. per bottle,but I will generally try anything once, well not liver, or peas, but almost anything else!

Hmm... you think that since my days have been out of control and BUSY, my fibro is doing a bit of correlation.

So let me hear is it good or not????

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