Tuesday, April 22, 2008

jumpie upie mister sunshine is up!

That is how I used to wake the boys every summer/springy day! So, right now is Cville mister sunshine is up and knocking on my door! Its 1:00 pm and I am in my jammies eating Special K cereal. I didnt sleep well last night at all, my best friend fibromyalgia came over to visit last night and spent the night and will not go home! That darn guy! So I have drugged myself and slept all morning!
Well, almost all morning. We started our end of the year testing in 2nd grade- the BEAR test today, So I got up, got a big fat bath, got dressed and gave the 1st part of the test,left school at 9:30 and came home to bed! I am getting ready too get on some shorts and get on the elliptical for about 20 minutes. I hate to, but I have to! Or otherwise I will twist and tighten up like an old prune and really be in trouble!
HGTV is all about "being green" today! Its earth day. hubs is a big earthy guy. We recycled years ago and still do today. He started the 1st recycling center here in Cville back when he was Mr. Mayor, (thats a whole other post). But where was I? oh yea, earth day, anyway Im cruisin around on the TV and there is earth day on HGTV, lots of fun stuff.
Better go, I have to have to get on that darn elliptical thing that has dust and laundry on it!
tootle loo
ps- I am also painting all my red in my house. The reading/library will be light lemon dream, the family room wall will be ????, and the office will be sea foam green! Hubs says it time to lighten up this house!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I loveeeeeeee my Dr. Pepper red walls!!!!!!! sighhhhhhhh!
now tootle loo

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tommie said...

I hope the elliptical helped. I can't wait to see the new colors.