Sunday, April 13, 2008

Oh my heavenly days

You are not going to believe this, just sit right down and read this particular post.

Well, my new friend Amber at, has so diligently worked on my website for my biz. So, I lost it on Friday night, the website, not my mind, although Im not quite sure where it is either. But back to the wonderful news. So anyway I am always emailing her and whining and I thought to my little self today at lunch...Cracker Barrel, that I can do this. And sista's I DID IT.
The index page was blank, so I loaded the paper, loaded the links, loaded the text and everything, I even added these little bouncing visa/MC thingys. I dont remember when I did that but they are there. Whatever. So I did it, I loaded and everything and its up and running. Now I havent tried to buy something to see if the Paypal is working, or if the email is working, but I am SO PROUD of my little self.

Now, on to other things.... we went to Church, I planned a wedding, ate out, went to Home Depot, Reasors, and now I need to change the bed linens and finish the laundry. I am so excited with my little self that I can hardly contain my excitement!!!!!!!

Have a happy Monday...
Oh yea, I almost forgot, Cato in Owasso is having a pretty good sale. I got 3 shirts and 2 pair of earring for $40.00.

Tootle Loo

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tommie said...

You go, girl! Isn't it exciting when you figure out something on your own.

I did something with some HTML code the other day and was doing the yippy skippy happy dance. This is what Husband does for a living, so he was just laughing!