Saturday, April 12, 2008

Im lost in cyber space

My website: http://www.queeniepdesigningdiva/ is lost in space.
I was just looking at it on Thursday and then Friday its gone. Its making me crazy. Its the cuuuutttest little place ever. Shabbee Chick made it for me and its way fun... but Site builder is a pain in the A$$!

I had a wedding this morning. It was so beautiful. The Groom is home on a 14 day leave from Iraq. He goes back in 10 days. It was a somewhat military wedding, he and his Sargent were in their 'dress greens' and it was the sweetest wedding. I hope they enjoy their 10 days.

My wedding assistant is quitting! yikes. I have about 8 girls in my SS Class that will help, but I was not really ready to train all of them yet!!!!!

Pray for Tuesday's Field trip! We are taking the second grade to the Drillers game. My kiddos have T-shirts that are red and say Sheehan's Sluggers. I can keep track of them better. I would rather not take parents, Oh that is a loaded statement on the web, but actually most of the kids act better without their parents. When momma and daddy are there they push my rules to the limit, I think to see what I will do. Except... for those kids that act OK whether mom is there or not!
At the Ball the other day one of the boys that I have wanted to send back to 1st grade since the second week of school, acted so awful! Dad, sister and sister's boyfriend were there. They did absolutely nothing! I had him come over and stand with me for 3 minutes, then 5 minute! If my child had ever done that, we would have gone home! But I guess that is why they have issues anyway.
Have you seen that the government is spending oodles of $$$ on trying to figure out what is wrong with education. I can probably tell them for nothing... But they will pay a 'team' to figure it out and it wont be fixed after that.
So here it goes
1. Get rid of tenure.
You do your job and do it well and you are Ok. You sit and do nothing and your butt is gone. And as many good teachers that are out there, there are some awful ones too!
2. Upgrade technology as much as sports.
Yea, We are getting turf on the football field. However, the computer are pitiful, we need either smart boards, or projectors in the classroom. We just past a bond for the turf, but, my school is selling Popsicles at last recess to raise money for projectors in the classroom.
3. Retain kids if they fail at the elementary level
Back when I was in school, yadda yadda, now really, you had to do the job to go on or you went to summer school or stayed in the same grade. Now its totally up to the parent! Whats that about.
4.Clean up the administrative level
Run each district like a business, we have way too many administrative/coaches running the show. This should be just like any other business!
5.The kids need to be accountable for their actions.
I get lost of notes from parents that with ball season, they dont have time to read and do their 5 minutes of math per night! Yep, but I bet they have time to practice BB and Soccer for 1 hour.
I love sports, but work come first.

OK... Im finished and jumping off my soap box. I have a PEO party to go get ready for. Bunco and potluck. My roasted potatoes are in the oven and its time to 'gussy up'. Well, a little bit!
Hubs is still in Tahlequah putting down new wood floors at the Methodist Childrens Home. So i am off to party by myself.

Have a good weekend

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Little Town Big Life said...

Hey, I could help you with that "reform education" plan!!!

Emailed you earlier, talk to you later.

Have a good day!