Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Now you see it... now you don't

Oops, the post I wrote yesterday about son #1 caused a bit of a stir at 'the corporate' office. I have really never said where son #1 is a broker, but yesterday I was so proud of their branch. They are taking 500 Teddy Bears to San Angelo, TX., to give to the children from the compound. So I told about it, not about exact information. But I did mention his Stock Company. Well, this morning 'corporate' was concerned when news station were contacting them about this activity. How did the news know... google told them. Yep, somehow google informed them about it from gleening the information from my blog. Watch out...someone is always watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So anyway I am still so proud of them, at this particular Brokerage Firm... not saying the name. It took son #1 a few minutes to figure out where it came from, so as soon as he called I deleted it from my blog.... whew!!!!!!!!!!! Be careful little fingers what you type, the big guys know everything!!!!!

Hmmm, maybe the will read my blog now .... hehehehe

Off to meet a bride at BA, but I put a big ole lasagna in the oven and its bubbling right up for supper. I have been hungry all day. You know when you just cant get enough to eat. I ate my sandwich at 11:00, then had a banana and apple at 12:00 and then a snack at 3:30. I 'm hungry again!!!!!!!1

Tomorrow I and going to a workshop at the 8th Floor, a consortium through the school. I will be learnin about PhotoShop! yippee. I have this all amazing thingy on my computer andI dont know what to do with it! Im gettin so smart. First an excel and now photoshop!

Better get, the lasagna is almost ready!!!!

tootle loo,

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