Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rainy days and Wednesdays!

Rainy days always make me online shop... today it was for Payton Grace! Yep, she will be my great niece, but her momma- my niece is more like me, than her momma- my sister, so I guess Payton Grace is really more like mine! hehehehe love how I made that right up

Anyhow LOOK at all this baby bling things! Kristyn- Payton's momma is not, I repeat NOT blingy, neither is my sister... but hold on .... Nienie P- that me.... oh honey I am all about blingy! So Payton Grace will have bling! I mean she lives in Texas... she must have bling!

Good Lordy, those little pink tenny shoes are $96.00. hold on... can I make them????? and that baby wipe case is a bit over the top even for me!

Look at these. they are ADORABLE! I mean it girls! I love them something fierce. But, I already have spent soooooooooooo much on Payton and she isnt even born yet. oh heavens. I haven't even ordered her Tiffany's gift yet!
Now, what little girl wouldn't like a pink poodle in her room. Payton's daddy... would crap in his wranglers if I sent this! He is a cowboy and would rather she have a horse in her room.... watch out... Christmas is coming Nolan!!!! hehehehe!

LOOK at this adorable sweet little pacy holder! How stinkin cute. Oh my, she is going to be the stylin baby in South Texas!
Oh my Payton Grace- we will have a ball........
Now back to the she almost mine story.... see I have 2 boys. My sister has a boy and girl. The girl Kristyn is much more like me than my sister. We think alike, act alike, have the same "issues", see is crafty like moi.
Now the Nienie P name.... Shayne, Kristyn's brother used to call me Aunt TT. Well, we all know in Texas that TT mean pee, pee! I can't be aunt TT/pee pee! So going with Queenie P I will be Nieie P... you get it dont you? I knew you would.
Off to get ready to go to OK Mozart. Its suppose to be at Woolaroc- Bville, outside. Its been raining her for days, so now its inside! Thanks you God.... I hate sitting outdoors with mosquitoes and portable toilets.

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