Thursday, December 31, 2009

Baby Toes

Don't you just love the feel and smell of a new baby? Those tiny toes and fat little thighs! mmmmm yummy.
Yep we are getting one... well not actually moi, but my sister is going to be a Meme and I will be a great aunt. We all know I am already the greatest aunt, but now I can actually be a great aunt.

My nephew, the new "uncle to be" used to call me Aunt TT. In the south we all know that TT means to PP or tinkle. So while they new blessed event will take place in Texas, there will be no Aunt TT anymore. The baby must call me - drumroll please... "NeneP. " you get it - short for queenieP. Yep thats the name for moi.

I have always informed the kids that one of them will need to name a baby "Sloane". Can't you just see that on a birth announcement in beautiful scroll font?? See it huh? Then just think about the wedding announcement! So I have named the baby Sloane Kathleen- the middle name is of course after moi! BUT, no one likes my name :( they all laugh at it. So whatever they decide to name the baby... I will call it ..... hmmmm

Now- I have so much to do before the blessed event happens. My sister has not one creative bone in her body, so that leaves moi to be the creative one. I recently cut up our old wedding dress... no one was ever going to wear it and I am making 4 baby blankets! yippee I better get started. Oh, my mind is spinning, and this is just the great niece/nephew. Look out when I become a real NeneP.

Happy New Year.
Congrats to Kris and Nolan--- Baby Sloane will be a blessing to you both! hehehehe

Tootle loo

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