Thursday, December 17, 2009

Heavenly Daze!

We are actually alive and kickin here in Cville. I have been busy doing I'm not sure what, but getting nothing done! Have you ever had one of those months. I am generally very structured and have my Christmas decs, out of the attic and the house decorated...even the bathrooms! WEll, this year is another story. The tree is out and has lights because they came on it. I put the tree in Lance's closet so it was easy to get. I threw some burlap webbing on it and some other stuff!
The rest of the house has candles, glass ornaments, snow and burlap or linen stuff that I could find in the house.... We have not even gone up i n the attic to get stuff. Hubs has offered, but I am not in the mood. Baaaaaah!

We finally gave the family photo's to all those we ordered to, so here ya go. The FAMILY. I love the pictures and want more, but holy moly at $80 for an 8x10 I have to go sell blood first!

This is hubs and I. I am really liken the green shawl. We had them taken at Dover Pond in Owasso. Beautiful

This is the whole family. Cut bunch huh. I made sure we had on white and jeans and then whatever else.
We are having Christmas here this year. We generally travel to Plano/Frisco, but Ryan is in Tulsa now- yippee and Lance lives in T-town too! So Christmas here. They have all ordered their favorites and we will have a calm great family time.
I have a part to get ready for, oh i almost forgot.... I went to get jeans at Goodwill for a mission trip and found the cayyyyyyutest boot. 1. brown Brighton with a cute buckly- $5.00, red Bass driving moccasins- $2.00 and lastly red cowboy boots- $5.00. NEVER BEEN WORN ALL OF THEM. The boots are red on the bottom and then have white on the top with a pony cut out!
I put them under the tree from myself, but I must wear them tonight!
Have a great week.

Tootle loo

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