Monday, December 28, 2009

Good bye 2009....

What a great Christmas we had at the house.
Snow, food, fireplace, snoozing and visiting!

Our mission trip was canceled because of the weather- too cold to work outside and more icy weather coming this way! The youth were sad, but its just not worth it to go and possibly get stuck or slide off the road. So, hubs and I are at home this week!!!!! I am making my mental list of honey-do jobs for him. I'm sure his list is, sit by the fireplace and watch movies! hmmmm.

Our 30th anniversary is coming up tomorrow. Wow, that sound like a long time! Well, I guess it is. Mike got me a beautiful set of pearls. Necklace, bracelet and earrings! love em. I got him a parcel of land in Ireland. Yep, he was very surprised. I found it on the internet and since he's of irish decent, this is perfect. Now we have to find time and $$$ to go over and see "our land". Since we are at home we will have to go eat and to the movies. Yummo. I think we will try Ted's. I didnt realize they had one in Tulsa. Im a bit slow!!!!

Have a good week, stay warm, be safe and for sure be careful on New Years. Have a designated driver !!!!

Tootle loo

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