Sunday, August 21, 2011

whats up buttercup

Oh my my... its been a busy couple of weeks... i am doing some subbing at my old school and also the ECC-early childhood center... last week I subbed for the first 3 days... 19 in the am and 13 in the pm... they were cute and so eager to learn...  next week I am already subbing on Tues/Wed...maybe/ and Friday!!!!

We had a great supper with at the kids on Friday night at Lances... yummy food and we played with Bama-the puppy  and Ryan's girlfriend's daughter... she is 19 months and I am having a blast with her..... lets tallk spoiling her!

I have been learning how to coupon... arghhhh. I downloaded a book from Kindle... Krazy Coupon Lady... its informative and hopefully I can figure out how to do this stockpile stuff with can foods and non perishables... they even freeze milk when its on sale???? didnt know you could do that.
I had hubs cutting coupons and I am learning how to "stack" them... I will of course keep you psted on this adventure.... But I want a new kitchen and hubs says cash only... soI mut save every dollar for a while...

                        Isnt this cute..... I saw it somewhere... cant remember the source but adorable....

 If, I were still teaching I would make this for my door... cant remember the source but... adorable....and easy peasy! 

lastly.... I can pull off this pillow... I think I will make some for Christmas gifts... then I will put an inital in the middle of each one... so cute...

still working on Paytons little quilt,... hope to have it finished next spring or maybe finges crossed Christmas... her birthday is in a couple of weeks. I think I will wait and go down to Houston/The Woodlands sometime in the winter for a week and play with her !  I'm greedy and dont want to share my nienie time!

Tootle loo

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