Monday, September 13, 2010

my Fall to do list:

Oh me oh my....
I just walked into the craft room and saw all of my 'crafty ' things for fall....
here we go
1. make diaper covers that I cut out for Payton
2. learn how to use the Silhouette I bought...
3. finish some jewelry
4. paint an old dresser and desk from Grammer to look cute in the craft room
5. organize better and label with my new silhouette
6. I got a new duvet for the bedroom, so I need to put up bead board on the bottom 2/3's of the room and paint the top 1/3 light green
7. recover some old chairs I have had for 25 years. just bought fabric... call old script, oh, paint the chairs white too
8. re organize L's closet, well it hasn't been his for years and never will be again :(
9. new floor in the hall bathroom
10. decide how to re do the kitchen

oh my, I think that's all folks....

Tootle loo

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