Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fiddle dee,,,dee

Payton Grace told me yesterday that she really doesnt want to wear one of those white diapers without a cute little diaper cover.... you know...we always have to be cute even when we are a newborn.... so Nie nie P to the rescue... yep I cut out 5 little 0-3 m diaper covers....

I have an issue with cash registers.... when I worked with my sister we never not ever in the 10 weeks I was there..... well, same story at the consignment store.... I was really really really careful today, but my day started with forgetting the money bag and having to go back and get it........ arghhhhhh!

Allergies are kickin my "popo". I detest them....

Lookin for a new hair style.... think about going really short... just thinkin

thats it in the land of queenieville .... have a delightful holiday weekend!

Tootle loo

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