Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday update

I am Alive....... Oh my goodness, as you all know my loving hubs shared his stomache flu with me... not a normal tummy ache like I accused him of whinning actual hug the toilet.. long lasting-4 day...lost 6 lbs flu! But I feel somewhat better although my tummy still feels like its on fire.

Anyway...I know your waiting with great anticipation as to what is in the Tiffany's box???? I dont know.
1. Its a stand off
2. I want hubs to bring it to me to open and swoon and tell me Happy Hearts Day...
3. He will do that on Feb 14
4. He told me I could go open it if I couldn't wait.
6. The Heart's Day Torture!

Tomorrow will be 101 thing to do.
Hubs like to drive the Jeep when the weather is bad instead of his truck. yadda, yadda whatever, I really never go anywhere in bad snowy weather anyway... not tomorrow. SO
I am getting up at the crack... of dawn and going in to TU with him.

1. Clean and organize his office. its a disaster. They moved in a year ago and its a mess. So I will go to Target and get tubs.. lots of tubs... paint a chalkboard square on each box for a label. 7-8:00
2. Go buy tubs at Target 9:00-9:45
3.Go to Boston Avenue to watch the kiddos for Joy Circle... 10:00-1:00
4. 1:00-go to take stuff to Ryan
5. run by and see my CASA baby
6. back to hubs to clean and organize

home again ....home again .... jiggety jigg!

Tootle loo

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