Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day School craziness

My moto for the day...

You bet we were..
Back up the ole brain to this morning at 7:00 am. Hubs has been sick and so I have been sleeping in Lance's bed. I took the alarm and the dog and went to sleep, planning to drive straight to school this morning. Hubs would be staying at home! Time is of the essence this am. At 7:10 hubs decides he will go to work... meaning I will ride with him to TU ,then on to Day School. I look outside at 7:45 ready to leave...both of us... Where is outside. SOLID FOG. More like solid ice fog! It takes us 15 minutes to get 8 mi. to hwy 75. So anyway I got to school 10 min late.
Fast forward to lunch... We are getting all the kids fed and I get Cash's lunchbox. Whats in there but my all time favorite cookie from Merritts! Oh man, there is only 1... I kidded him for a few minutes about eating it... that sweet baby took a little bite, looked at me and offer me a bite. NO I didnt take it from him. but anyway.
..move on...all 7 toddlers have finished eating and still a bit wound up from not spending time outside. Tracy and I got them all asleep by 12:55. Tracy had her lunch and was eating at the table. I went to grab my lunch..lights flicker... fire alarm goes on LOUDLY!!!! Tracy and I look at each other. This is for real, no one in their right mind would have a practice at 1:00. its nap time. SO we grab 7 sleeping toddlers, yes all of them were out. start going out the door, no coats, no purse, no cell phone, just grabbing kids and moving fast... they are all asking whats going on, 1 is crying for daddy, all the rest are walking in their sleep! FAlse alarm... go back in your room and resume napping...SO we get them all back in the room without having to go outside! whew!
Now moving on... We tried to get them back down. RIGHT! so I am patting Cash and Bayleigh- yes, I do pat their precious little backs moms! anyway... I lay my head back against the table and say" Heavens"... little Cash says" to Betsy". I loose it and crack up, the kids crack up, they start playing peek a boo, Cash is the ring leader... he is hilarious! Turn on the naps... go to the gym and run!
I love those little guys... they crack me up and keep me laughing all the time.

Tootle loo

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