Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday, Monday

Isn't this a cute idea??? I have a LOT of old handkerchiefs from my Gram and Grandma. I h ave them in my linen closet, but I think I will do this. Even moi can quilt something like this.

Busy week... I have CASA court this afternoon and then family dinner tonight. Ryan leaves for Singapore at 4:00 am . yikes. Hubs will take him to the airport! Me- a kiss, a prayer and out the door!

Thanksgiving with the rest of us and start on the Christmas tree, and stuff. I have tons and tons of "stuff to create" in the craft room, so that will be a fun day. I have asked hubs for 4 mos to attach a cable to my TV in the craft room, not yet. Maybe I can figure it out. NOT! Maybe L can do it.

L has an MRI Tuesday am regarding hi shoulder! wah, I hate to see my boys have pain! We will know more after the surgeon looks at it.

Hub is gettin ready to begin building the shed. It will be a major undertaking as we over do everything. I house and surroundings WILL not blow over!

My sister and I will have a trip to OKC for a visit to Mom's. Its time to go see Grammer!

Thats about it for the fam this week.

Hope you and your have a BLESSED Thanksgiving!

Tootle loo

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