Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Im being held hostage!

Yep, you heard me right! I am being held hostage.

It's not that I have changed directions, diagnosis, or anything else. I have attended this "event" for the past, oh say...35 ish years. I have had 2 babies, a tubal and 1 hysterectomy followed by ovary removal. So basically there is nothing there.... You know what I am talkin about. My OB/GYN is holding me hostage. He wont refill my hormones "that I have taken for 20 years", until I come in. I dont need to go every year. I think he needs to remodel the master bedroom in his house, yep thats it!

Tomorrow will not be my most favorite day of the year! I am not happy being held hostage. I'll show him I will quit taking them. Oops my family might not care for me in menopause, they barely like me now.
Oh whoa is me... whats a girl to do in this dilemma ?????

Tootle loo

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