Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

I found these on the beach this afternoon. They are soooo pretty. I am going out early in the morning and get some good shells.
This is our cottage at www.seabrookwa.com We are right across the street from the beach and its just beautiful.

This was our rustic cabin on Lake Quniault. We were there for 2 days. hubs slept on the daybed. The bedroom had a full size bed and we kept hitting each other. Very rustic, but relaxing.

Sunset from the balcony of the deck where we are now.
Loving this vacay. We are relaxing and doing whatever we want. I think tomorrow we will go to the beach and get shells and maybe to Ocean Beach... maybe not. Who know. I am getting ready to eat some yummy lemon chiffon ice cream.

Tootle loo

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