Sunday, September 13, 2009


Me at the 1st Starbucks... yummy
Eating lunch by the bay. The pigeon was waiting for the remainder of my salmon. When we left, it swooped in and grabbed it right up. I believe that area is Puget Sound. We watched the cruise ship and ferries as we ate.

Oops, I thought this was a pic of Pike Place Market, oh well! Moi again.
We went to the Market and had a great time on Friday. Saturday was a lazy day in Issaquah., A trip to XXX burgers for a bit of fat! then on to Trader Joes for a few items to take with us to the beach. I also found a fun store called Halloween spirit or spirit of halloween, anyway!! I had a blast in that store. Got a few things, but then I learned they have a website.
Havin fun, update later hugs to all
Not a cloud in the sky, Rainer is lookin good out the window with my coffee and bagel. The pool is clear, and the trees smell like pine. life is great

Tootle loo

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