Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday stuff

Its time for Saturday Football.

What else do you do on a wonderful, sunny, Fall, Southern Saturday??? You play NCAA Football.

!st game is the Alma Mater OK STATE- Go Pokes. We used to be at all the games, perfect section O tickets, fly over in the plane, and have a blast. We began going before the boys were born and then took them to the games once or twice each year. It was great to see the same people each year and see how their lives have changed. They watched as I was pregnant with both boys and until they were about 5 and 7. Then the boys began to have sports on Saturday's and we let those tickets go. I wonder how much to replace them now???

So advance 18-20 years and we are at Tulsa University. Hubs employer, the boys Alma Mater and we are at all of the football and Basketball games. Same seats for years. Once again you watch as people change and kids grow. Love it
Lance has a house near TU now, so tailgate at his house starts today.
So what else is there to do in the south on a sunny, Fall, Saturday?

Tootle loo

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Anonymous said...

Nailed it to a T mom! Couldn't have said it better myself about things to do in the fall in the South! Ahhh.. how great it is to be a Southerner..