Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Do you remember these footstools? You know the ones you made with your grandma during the summer in her little bitty town in northwest Okla.??? Or was that just my sister and I? Anyway, I saw these on Etsy for... hold on to your panties $350.00 !!!!!!!!! You have got to be kidding me!!!!!
We used to make these with grandma in the summer in Buffalo OK. I cant for the life of me remember how to do it, but I know we used those big juice cans and covered them and then sewed them together. I don't think we have any left in the family, but you can be sure I could whip one out for $350.00 I could whip one out for $50.00.
If you can remember how to make them, let me know., If not , I can sure I can make them and I will get those on my blog this summer. I bet I can make some girly ones too!

Tootle loo


Anonymous said...

Hi, I will asked Gram if she remembers how to make them. She made several. I think she covered them and used an ice pick to make the holes after they were covered. Wish we had one to look at. $350.00, Wow we could have had a bigger nest egg!


Carol said...

I remember my grandma Ruby made several of these for the younger grandkids when I was in high school. I don't remember how she put everything together.