Friday, April 3, 2009

Brain Strain

Brain Strain
_ Yep that is the answer to my migraine headaches! The big fat muscle that goes from my neck to my brain is having a spasm. hahaha that's my middle name... spastic! Anyway after x-rays of my head and spine its been determined that the continuing pain in the brain is from the muscle expanding and puttin pressure on the brain, which puts pressure on the skull.
So new muscle relaxers,- not wise to take trying to teach! I also either need physical therapy/chiropractor to move the skull forward so that the pressure is releaved. Go figure.
So I went to the chiro and she adjusted my skull, neck and did a bit of acupuncture! What a fun week. I also geot this ointment stuff I rub on the muscle. I makes my hair stick out. But whatever right.

I have never heard of a spastic muscle. I figure I had a brain tumor and need to get the vidoes ready for the boys. I tend to look things up on the internet and make my own diagnosis! We know how that works out for me huh. Leads to a more spastic person.

So, just a few more weeks of school!!!!!!!!!

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