Thursday, August 28, 2008

Honey, we're home!

The trip was awesome! We had a marvelous time. We began by having our 1st flight canceled! No big deal we changed airlines and off the Denver then to Seattle. Then we got on the shuttle to the rental car place and waited in line for 20 minutes, hubs gave them all the info and the only had a 15 passenger van!!! You have to be kidding for the 2 of us. There were other people furious as well and we all went back to the airport to Avis and got cars. Never use Advantage Rental Car... they are horrid. So anyway, we got to Issaquah and we stayed in the guest house at hub's brothers.
We did some shopping for warmer clothes and left the next day to go to Port Angeles. Our hotel was on the waterfront and perfect. We woke each morning to the soudn of the ferries coming in.

The Wedding in Port Angeles WA. This is the backyard of the groom's parents.
Its overlooks the ocean in the backyard.
After the wedding! Joe and Sarah!

Me at the wedding venue. This is a B&B next door to the wedding house. I got quite a sunburn on my shoulders and neck. Who would have thought the sun would be that hot... because I was chilly.

American Bald Eagles on a tree just to the side of the house at the rehearsal dinner. So majestic!

Hub's brother and sister in law and their 2 boys. Lauren, Joe, Sam and Steve.

Sarah and Joe's wedding vows. How beautiful!!! the wedding was at his parent's home on the ocean!

My sister in law, Lauren made Sarah's dress. It was so pretty!

Backyard of the rehearsal dinner home. I had to go to Target and get legging and a black sweater dress for the dinner. I certainly didnt pack warm enough! What a house. The backyard backed up to a 50-60 ft cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean!!

The wedding spot after the ceremony and before the cake was on the table.

This is the rehearsal dinner. yummy yummy food, but very cool weather. The gardens are so pretty in the northwest .

My favorite place... Victoria BC, just a Ferry ride from Port Angeles to Victoria. Even in the rain I love to go there. We ate at The Empress Hotel

Reception area of the Wedding site. A beautiful home that back up to a 50 ft cliff to the ocean!
lots more pics, but I am ready for bed. You get the general idea.
Its always fun to go away and good to get back home. I came home to a not so ruly classroom and I'm in the process or re teaching them the procedures of the classroom. I'm glas this weekend is a holiday, I have a lot to do.

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Little Town Big Life said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

I'm glad you had a good time, but I'm just as glad you are home!!

I'll talk to you soon.