Saturday, August 9, 2008

Alive an Kickin

Whee, what a week and another one rolling back around, I feel like a hamster on the wheel of life:
Monday- clean room at school and get it ready

Tuesday- finish room and run errands

Wednesday- strip wall paper at home in the dining room and start putting up new wallpaper. Oops I ran out, order more.

Thursday - strip wallpaper in the breakfast room and paint the wall yellow- butter cream.
Rehearsal at BA

Friday- Work with hubs getting his office painted, big huge room... more later-- Wedding and reception at BAUMC.

Saturday- Work ALL day painting at hubs office at TU

Sunday- Work at TU again

Monday - Go to work, help hubs at TU

Tuesday- work and Orth. DR.

Wednesday- work and back to school night

Thursday - 1st day of school, get reception ready at hubs office for the unveiling of the new shop!

Friday- breath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tootle loo-

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