Wednesday, February 29, 2012

pink eyes... stink eye and room re do

 I redid Lances room... I took out the carpet and painted the sub floor.... 2 coats of kilz, 2 coats of white and 2 coats of wood floor poly.... yep I love it...
 see that little space... thats where Abby's little pack n play will go ... I think

 I got the duvet cover at Ikea, the quilt was in a shed... oh dear the thingns I find in my MI's shed!

See that window covering... yep another shed fins. Its an old old old chenille bedspread... I made it a curtain its held up there with clothes pins....

I woke up this morning and got my clothes out... layed them on the bed... took a couple of sips of coffee that hubs brings me in my bed and then hopped in the shower.... oops something is wrong with my eye.... yep pink eye/stink eye. I have some drops from the Doc and hope its gets better soon... so far nope its not!!!!

Tootle loo

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Organize You! said...

Penny, Oh, poor you!! Pink eye is awful!! I am so sorry!