Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Lance and Laura baby dog Bama is very sick.. She was born in December and has been great until Monday ... they took her to the vet and she has underdeveloped kidneys... they went to Ok State Univ Vet School yesterday for more testing and an ultrasound and yes, same diagnosis... so she is beginning a new diet and the prognosis is not good... prayers for them.
   opps this is sideways and I cant rotate it right now... but this was a special present from Ryan for momma. Lance and Laura got me 2 beautiful necklaces and Ryan already got me a book I wanted so this was very unexpected...

Other than that we are just tootle'n along in life.  I am working 2 days a week at Bloomingdeals Consignment Store in Owasso, Ok . Love interacting with people. I am finding that sometimes they just need to visit with someone. I believe this is a bit of a ministry for me. I am blessed as well by them... God works in mysterious ways.

My mom gets back from England and Scotland today. I am excited to hear about her trip.

Time to water the yard... I promise to post more often... been really lazy

Tootle loo

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