Sunday, March 20, 2011

spring is here

Spring is here and spring break is over for the 'school' clan.  I always want to go somewhere like we used to during spring break,. but in the past 9 months, I have been to Nicaragua, cruise to Mexico, New York City and to Houston . So my traveling is over for a long while.... nevertheless, Ryan had been working on projects at our house... pics tomorrow... The picture above is what I am going to do to the cabinets by the sink.... shhhhhh dont tell hubs. he will just come home from work and it will be all done.
 I am in a wonderful Bible Study on Friday.  We are studying the Book of John. Its really good. My Bible is old... you know the paper thin KJ version. So I bought this Wesley Study Bible the other day.... great purchase...

Now just inn case you want me to go on a trip for spring... please send the appropriate funds, I would love to be strolling this street. its in Paris by the way, I would like to stay near the Eiffel Tower and spend about 7-10 days there. I would like to have a vehicle available to take me everywhere and especially to the flea markets. so whose up for this?????

Tootle loo

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