Tuesday, March 16, 2010

All expense paid trip.... sign up

So, I got you attention... I am not on a trip this spring break...the first time in 5-6 years we are not at the beach... wah, wah, wah,!

Come along with me as we take a little no expense barred trip... grab your beverage of choice and lets get packin...
I ALWAYS pack way too much whenever we go on a trip. I pack lots of shoes... shirts and jewelry. You can change so many outfits with those three things. Maybe I can sit on my bag... Oh, dont forget my new lotion... 'Fresh' Sugar Lemon Lotion! heavenly!!!! okay lets get to the airport

I prefer to fly SWA... cause they have lots of peanuts, and peanuts, and peanuts.... they are also cheaper! meet me at the gate.... bring your ID no need for a passport this trip... wear comfy shoes...we may have to run a bit!

Whew, did y'all enjoy the flight. lickety split... I say we flew faster than a bullet! This is our automobile! So fun I'm thinkin. Oh lets stop and get some pink lemonade and some coconut macaroons. Pull your hair back... Im driving fast!

Here is our beautiful Hotel.... We are in San Diego CA. at the Coronado Hotel.... the penthouse of course. Money is no problem on my trip. Oh, can you smell that ocean breeze???? I think we will go grab a bite to eat and soak up some rays.... where is the cabana boy???

That is my chair.... I know I shouldn't leave my purse, but you will watch it while I run to get something sweet to drink with an umbrella in it... be right back... I will bring you one too.

This is the view from our veranda.... gorgeous right! I think we will stay a week or so. Rest up, tomorrow we are going shopping to find some 'vintage junque'... we will also need to go to IKEA... oh my we may have to get more luggage to get our things home.
See ya in the a.m.! nitey nite

Tootle loo

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